Leicester to Skegness 1964

C366     J C Draper           Woodford Green AC                                 22.53.00  

Leicester to Skegness 1966

C383     G P Young            Boundary Harriers                                   20.24.30

C388     J W Cannell          Boundary Harriers                                   21.45.21 

Surrey WC Ewhurst 1971

C466     J D Harrison          Boundary Harriers                                  19.34.35 

Bristol RWC 1973

C525  S G Gardner            Boundary Harriers                                   23.24.40

Surrey WC Ewhurst 1975

C549     Denis Vale (deceased) Surrey WC                                       19.43.30

Leicester WC Congerstone 1982

C718     Irene Corlett       Boundary Harriers                                    18.54.05

C737     R. Corlett            Boundary Harriers                                    22.54.43

Leicester WC Congerstone 1986

C799     C Keown            Boundary Harriers                                     21.08.05

Surrey WC Ewhurst 1987

C820     M Holgate            Boundary Harriers                                   21.56.45

Leicester WC Congerstone 1988

C828     T Corkill             Boundary Harriers                                    18.34.56

Surrey WC Battersea Park 1995

C940     Maureen Cox      Manx Harriers                                          23.36.43

Manx Harriers Isle of Man 1998

C953     R Hughes           Manx Harriers                                          22.15.48

C954     A Kneale            Manx Harriers                                          22.55.05

C956     S Cox                Manx Harriers                                          23.51.30

 Lancashire WC Blackpool 2002

C982     J Stubbs            IOM Vets                                                 23.18.59

London Vidarians Colchester 2004

C1003   R Pitts               IOM Vets                                                 21.53.20

Kings Lynn 2005

Sean Hands                   Manx Harriers                     Holland OLAT 2005                  

Roey Crellin                   Unattached                         Andrew Titley            European Centurion

Eammon Harkin              Unattached

Keith Wilkinson               Unattached

Dermot O’Toole              Unattached

Selwyn Callister            Unattached

Names of Centurions in the Isle of Man

J C Draper

Graham Youg

John Cannell                 

Derek Harrison              

S G Gardner                  

Denis Vale (Deceased)       

Irene Corlett                 

R. Corlett                      

Chris Keown                 

Mick Holgate                 

T. Corkill                      

Maureen Cox                

Ray Hughes                  

Anthony Kneale             

Simon Cox                    

John Stubbs                  

Ray Pitts

Andrew Titley (European Centurion)                    

Sean Hands                                                                  

Roey Crellin                                                      

Eammon Harkin             

Keith Wilkinson              

Dermot O’Toole             

Selwyn Callister