I understand the event is being staged under the IAAF and RWA Rules and the time limit is 24 hours (6 hours for the 20 mile event).  Numbers must be displayed at all time on front and back of clothing.  I declare that I accept the rules of the walk as laid down by the organisers under the RWA National Long Distance Race Walking Championship rules and that I will be aged 20 years or over on the day of the race (17 years for the 20 mile event)


I certify that I am medically fit to compete and will provide a medical certificate if asked to do so.  I understand that I enter the Centurion 100 mile walk/RWA National Championship race/20 mile race entirely at my own risk and that I absolve absolutely and completely the organisers from liability or responsibility for any injury sustained or loss, or damage to property incurred to myself or anyone else howsoever caused.


I agree to follow the route as set out by the organisers and to obey the officials and marshals at all times.  I will notify the organisers of my retirement and return my race number at that time.  I accept that the race referee has the absolute power to withdraw any competitor considered unfit to continue.


I agree to walk at all times.  No pace-making is allowed and no person is allowed to walk, run, cycle or drive in front of me or alongside me.  Any supporter seen to impede any participant in any way may result in that supporters competitor being disqualified.




I certify that I have read the rules and agree to abide by the regulations as set out in these instructions.